Dr. Danielle West, ND - Patient Advocate

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Did you ever....

Feel you needed to go to the emergency room but were terrified you'd be left no better off than you went in?

Feel you needed to go to the emergency room but were frustrated you'd be looked at like a drug addict looking to score pain meds when you have a chronic pain syndrome, are out of meds, or are in between doctors' appointments?

Feel like the new doctor you have to see because he or she is in-network or part of your insurance plan doesn't "get" your problem or have a clue what the diagnosis is all about that you are seeking treatment for?

Feel like no-one is listening or understands your sense of urgency when its after hours and you are relegated to dealing only with an answering service, many of whom are now digital?

Feel like you're trying to explain your condition and you're looked at like, "I'm the doctor here, you just be a good little patient and let me do what I'm trained to do..." and that's the problem?! Its what they're trained to do, but you were not part of their training?

Feel like you're lost and alone, that you are not being heard, that your medical needs are not being met?

...... that's where Dr Danielle West-Stellick will step in -- as your personal patient advocate!

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